This working group aims:
– to promote research, design, development, evaluation, and deployment of human-centered technology to encourage sustainable use of resources in various domains. These technologies would include interaction techniques, interfaces, and visualizations for applications, tools, games, services, and devices.

– to bring together, and stimulate exchanges between, researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers from across different disciplines involved in sustainability through regular events. These disciplines would include computer science, engineering, design, social sciences, etc.

– to coordinate publication and dissemination of related research output, information, policies, etc.

Position Member & Affiliation
Chair Masood Masoodian
Aalto University
Tel: +538 50 327 7608
Vice Chair Elisabeth André
Augsburg University
Tel: +49 821 598 2341
Vice Chair Nuno J. Nunes
University of Madeira, Portugal
Tel: +351 291 721 201
Secretary Thomas Rist
University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Tel: +49 821 5586 3249
Member Lyn Bartram
Simon Fraser University, Canada
Member Luciano Gamberini
University of Padova, Italy
Member Giulio Jacucci
University of Helsinki, Finland
Member Ljupco Kocarev
Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Macedonia
Member Alexander Meschtscherjakov
University of Salzburg, Austria
Member Manfred Tscheligi
University of Salzburg, Austria
Member Mark Apperley
The University of Waikato, New Zealand
Member Rachel Burrows
University of Melbourne, Australia
Member Lester Cowley
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa
Member Vanessa De Luca
Laboratory of Visual Culture (SUPSI), Switzerland
Member Elina Eriksson
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Member Bill Rogers
The University of Waikato, New Zealand
Member Brenda Scholtz
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa
Member Lara Piccolo
The Open University, UK
Member Jorge Luis Zapico
Linnaeus University, Sweden
Member Peter Johnson,
University of Bath, UK
Member Jasminko Novak
European Institute for Participatory Media, Germany
Member Steffen Wendzel
Hochschule Worms, Germany

Time and Place  Meeting Type Title Organiser Related Publication