This working group aims to support practitioners, regulators and researchers to develop the study of interaction design and children across international contexts. Specifically it will seek – as a working group – to develop a mature tested set of methods and practices that this academic and practitioner base can use. It will aim:

  • To promote high quality research in child computer interaction and in interaction design with children;
  • To provide an accessible international forum and information site for researchers interested in HCI and Interaction Design where the users are children;
  • To coordinate and manage events for IDC researchers and practitioners including, but not limited to, the annual IDC conference and the IDC workshops.


To build on existing work in IFIP member countries in the following areas:

  • The development and refinement of methods for engaging with children in the design of interactive technologies;
  • The development and refinement of methods for engaging with children in the evaluation of interactive technologies;
  • The role of children as participants in Interaction Design;
  • Designing for children from all cultures, with all abilities, talents and economics.

Position Member & Affiliation
Chair Janet READ
University of Central Lancashire School of Computing, Engineering & Physical Sciences
ChiCI Group
PRESTON, PR1 2HE Lancashire
United Kingdom
+44 1772 893285
Fax +44 1772 892996
Vice Chair Panos MARKOPOULOS
Eindhoven Univ.of Technology
Department of Industrial Design
P.O. Box 513, Den Dolech 2
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 40 247 5247
Fax +31 40 247 5376
Secretary Matthew HORTON
University of Central Lancashire
Computing and Technology Building, CM015
PRESTON, PR1 2HE Lancashire
United Kingdom
Tel. + 44 1772 895151
Member Vivien Chen
Member Alissa Antle
Member Monica Landoni
Member Heidi Schelhowe
Member Narcis Pares
Member Paul Marshall
United Kingdom
Member Shuli Gilutz
Member Franca Garzotto
Member Tilde Bekker
Member Cristina Sylla
Member Juan Pablo Hourcade

Time and Place  Meeting Type Title Organiser Related Publication
June 21-24, 2015,
Boston, USA
Workshop IDC 2015
June 17-20, 2014,
Aarhus, Denmark
Workshop IDC 2014
June , 2013,
New-York, New-York, USA
Workshop IDC 2013
June 12-15, 2012,
Bremen, Germany
Workshop IDC 2012
June 20-23, 2011
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Workshop IDC 2011
June 9-12, 2010,
Barcelona, Spain
Workshop IDC 2010
June 3-5, 2009,
Como, Italy
Workshop IDC 2009
June 11-13, 2008 ,
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Workshop IDC 2008
June 6-8, 2007,
Aalborg, Denmark
Workshop IDC 2007
June 7-9, 2006,
Tampere, Finland
Workshop IDC 2006
June 8-10, 2005,
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Workshop IDC 2005
June 3-5, 2009,
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Workshop IDC 2004
July 1st-3rd, 2003,
Lancashire, Preston, England
Workshop IDC 2003