The Brian Shackel Award

The Brian Shackel Award is associated with each INTERACT Conference, and is to recognize the most outstanding contribution in the form of a refereed paper submitted to and delivered at the Conference. The purpose is to draw attention to the need for a comprehensive human-centred approach in the design and use of information technology in which the human and social implications have been taken into account.


Year Article Authors
2021 Quantifying the Effects of Age-related Stereotypes on Online Social Conformity Senuri Wijenayake,  Jolan Hu,  Vassilis Kostakos and  Jorge Goncalves
2019 Acceptability of Persuasive Prompts to Induce Behavioral Change in People Suffering from Depression Rabiah Arshad, Murtaza Ali Baig, Marium Tariq and Suleman Shahid
2017 Effects of Uncertainty and Cognitive Load on User Trust in Predictive Decision Making Jianlong Zhou,  Syed Z. Arshad,  Simon Luo and Fang Chen
2015 Penan’s Oroo’ Short Message Signs (PO-SMS): Co-design of a Digital Jungle Sign Language Application Tariq Zaman and Heike Winschiers-Theophilus
2013 Storytelling in Visual Analytics Tools for Business Intelligence Micheline Elias,  Marie-Aude Aufaure  and  Anastasia Bezerianos
2011 Mixed-initiative Data Retrieval and Integration by Example Steven Gardiner,  Anthony Tomasic, John Zimmerman, Rafael Aziz and Kathryn Rivard
2009 A Novel Approach for Creating Activity-Aware Applications in a Hospital Environment J. E. Bardram
2007 ThumbSpace: Generalized One-Handed Input for Touchscreen-Based Mobile Devices Amy Karlson and Ben Bederson
2007 MatLink: Enhanced Matrix Visualization for Analyzing Social Networks Nathalie Henry and Jean-Daniel Fekete
2007 Multi-fidelity Prototyping of User Interfaces A. Coyette,  S. Kieffer,  and  J. Vanderdonckt
2005 Visual Interface and Control Modality: An Experiment about Fast Photo Browsing on Mobile Devices QianYing Wang,  Susumu Harada,  Tony Hsieh and  Andreas Paepcke
2003 A Granular Approach to Web Search Result Presentation R. W. White,  J. M. Jose  and  I. G. Ruthven
2001 Evaluating Animation in the Periphery as a Mechanism for Maintaining Awareness D. Scott McCrickard,  Richard Catrambone  and John T. Stasko
1999 The Beauty of Errors: Patterns of Error Correction in Desktop Speech Systems Christine Halverson,  Daniel Horn,  Clare-Marie Karat and  John Karat