TC13 Open Symposium 

The TC13 Open Symposium on HCI is part of a series of annual events organized by the Technical Committee TC13 on Human-Computer Interaction of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).

It is a scientific event that is meant to create synergy between researchers, students, and industrialists to meet and discuss hot topics on HCI with the IFIP TC13 representatives. The usual organization consists of a series of short presentations (~15 minutes) followed by questions and an interactive panel discussion.

As the name suggests, the Open Symposium welcomes everyone interested in HCI topics. The event is free of charge, but registration is often required for logistics purposes. The presentations are made by invitation only. Presenters invited to make a presentation include members of IFIP TC13 and researchers and industrialists of the local community where the event is organized.

The Open Symposium often precedes the organization of the IFIP TC13 Business Meeting, which is reserved for the county representatives, expert members, observers and Working Group chairs of IFIP TC13.